Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Exciting B.C. Election

The Liberals and Christy Clark did not receive a majority ... yet.

They might not get one. They won 43 of B.C.'s 87 electoral districts, one short of a majority.

That means that the NDP with 41 and the Greens with 3 may form a coalition or other governing arrangement, and NDP leader John Horgan could find himself premier of B.C. This gives a special kind of power to the Greens (under leader Andrew Weaver) which they haven't had before.

B.C. hasn't had a minority government since 1953.

The outcome of the election is not yet final, however, as there will be recounts. Some districts were close, with Courtenay-Comox the closest at a 9-vote NDP win over the Liberals.

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