Saturday, 24 June 2017

China Threatens Death Penalty for False Scientific Reports

Fraud in China's scientific community has led to recent reports that a large percentage of the science that comes out of the nation is false (a report this week had it that 40% of biomedical papers are false). The peer review system there is not working.

China's Ministry of Science said the mass retractions "seriously harmed the international reputation of our country’s scientific research and the dignity of Chinese scientists at large."

The government's response this month: A "no tolerance" policy. For anyone caught fabricating scientific research, a stiff jail term. If their report leads to actual harm (for example, if drugs end up getting made that result in someone's death), a death penalty for the scientist is possible.

China already executes way more people each year than the rest of the world combined, as reported by Amnesty International and others.

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