Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Driverless, Zero Emissions Cargo Ships

A fully electric, zero emissions cargo ship will set sail next year in Europe.

This first one will be sent out by Norway. It's the Yara Birkeland.

Currently, Yara uses diesel trucks to haul what it plans to use these ships for. The transport is taking place between Norwegian ports -- it's not like they're doing international shipping. But confidence in the project seems high. They announced that their Birkeland will be remote controlled in 2019, unmanned in 2020. Yara's shares shot up from 7.7 to 322.8 kroner Monday.

The shipping industry currently accounts for 2.3% of global emissions. They use a lot of dirty diesel fuels (I don't mean that diesel is dirty, but these vessels have historically used dirty fuel).

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