Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Woman in Divorce Wins More Than Half Assets in Landmark Ruling

Usually in the UK, assets are split in a divorce, but this week after a 4-year marriage, a woman challenged an original even-split ruling and got more than half.

Her argument was that "because this was a short marriage he should not get half of the matrimonial pot."

It wasn't a huge change to the asset split. Instead of 2.7m pounds, the husband got 2m.

The divorce came about after the wife accused the husband of "a clandestine affair" which was later admitted in divorce court.

The panel decided that, because the marriage was a short, dual career marriage in which the couple had kept their finances separate, the unusual division of assets was "justified" where it might not be if the husband had "contributed" to the source of the wife's [income] by doing more in the home life or welfare of the family domains. "This case is, therefore, a 'non-business partnership, non-family asset case' where the bulk, indeed effectively all, of the property has been generated by the wife," they said.

Lawyers are talking about how this ruling may set a precedent for future divorces. The issue of "fairness" of an asset split will be something new to argue.

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