Thursday, 6 July 2017

One State Is Dropping Its Minimum Wage Back Down from $10 to $7.70

Missouri raised its minimum wage to $10 a couple months ago, in line with what a lot of cities and states (and provinces in Canada) are doing nowadays, but the governor is now saying that was a mistake.

"Despite what you hear from liberals, it will take money out of people's pockets," Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens said this week. 

The raise up to $10 made a lot of minimum wage workers happy, but their employers had a tougher time. Some small businesses were profiled in local news. (For example, one St. Louis restaurant had to cut down hours they'd be open, going from 5 to 2 days a week for lunch, as well as having to reduce the size of their food portions and raise the price of entrees. This resulted in less customers coming in.)

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