Thursday, 6 July 2017

Woman Convicted of Making Up Fake Rape Claims Against 15 Men

"Jemma Beale was a determined liar who repeatedly went to great lengths to fabricate evidence in an attempt to see innocent men convicted, including telling deliberate lies under oath,” London Crown Prosecution Service Lawyer Samuel Main said. Beale was convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice.

One of the men she charged with rape was convicted and served jail time. Another fled the country.

The woman made her first rape charge in 2010. In another charge in 2012 against 4 men she said had attacked her in an alley with a piece of barbed wire. She laid another charge in 2013. In all, she charged 6 men with rape and 9 with assault, in 4 different instances. All of the men were strangers.

After the 4th time she brought a rape charge in 2013, police went back and looked at her earlier cases, and "discovered a clear and sustained pattern of willful falsification,” according to the prosecution. Police discovered the 25-year-old woman actually had a steady boyfriend, and there was also evidence that she had made up the claims in her medical records, CCTV footage, and witness testimonies.

She was convicted this week.

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